What are roller shutters, and are you a candidate for them?

Blinds, awnings, plantation shutters. There are a lot of products to choose from when it comes to indoor and outdoor window fixings, and it can be confusing to determine which option is best suited to our home and lifestyle. You may want to ask yourself: which aesthetic am I going for? Do I have concerns around protection and security for my home? Which solution is going to be most suited to my budget?

We’re here to look specifically at roller shutters, which are aluminium slats filled with polyurethane. The slats are perforated allowing you to control light and airflow They are installed externally within a range of domestic or commercial settings. That is, for your home or business.

Roller shutters are the product of choice for many home and business owners because they promise a level of security which many other solutions on the market cannot. They protect against security threats, like break-ins, damage and vandalism as well as harsh environments, so are the perfect solution for those living in heavy rain and fire-prone areas. Energy efficiency and conservation are also major benefits of roller shutters because they provide thermal insulation that keeps your space cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and can prevent humidity which often leads to mould.

Roller shutters come in both manual and electric varieties depending on your preference and budget, and can also be fitted in a range of colours.

If security, protection and practicality are factors which you’re considering when making a decision on which window fixing will best suit your needs, then roller shutters may very well be the best option for you.

Roller Shutters Sydney


Many properties around Sydney and wider Sydney must meet Council DA approval requirements when building or renovating in bushfire prone areas.

Homeowners are often required to install BAL 40 rated bushfire security roller shutters to comply with BASIX.

Ital Shutters Pty Ltd source high quality CSIRO tested BAL 40 rated bushfire shutters for your project. If you choose to motorise your roller shutters, then a manual override system is a must. This will allow the roller shutters to be fully operational in the event of a power outage.

BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level.

There are various BAL levels. They are:

BAL-LOW Lowest risk from a potential fire

BAL-12.5 Risk is primarily from potential embers during a fire

BAL-19 Moderate risk, particularly from embers and burning debris

BAL-29 High risk, particularly from embers, debris and heat

BAL-40 Very high risk. Likely to be impacted by embers, debris, heat and potentially flames

BAL-FZ Extreme risk. Directly exposed to the flames of a potential fire front


There are several reasons people want roller shutters. They vary from wanting additional insulation and protection from the weather, to shift workers wanting to completely darken a room or even to reduce traffic noise.

All those are valid reasons, but the most common enquiry to have aluminium roller shutters installed is purely to have additional security.

Many enquiries come just after someone’s home or business has been burgled or vandalised.

The customer is still quite shaken when we get the call and we at ITAL SHUTTERS understand that we must prioritise these enquiries.

We have also noticed a spike in security roller shutter enquires and installations lately due to the current COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.

When we took a closer look at the statistics, NSW has shown an average 8.3% rise in robberies to businesses in the last 24 months.

Some areas which have shown an increase in business related break-ins are Blacktown, The Hills District, Inner West, Nth Sydney and the City and Inner South.

So, if security is what you’re after, take a look at what we have to offer. ITAL SHUTTERS have domestic grade roller shutters, commercial grade roller shutters, spring-loaded key-lock roller shutters and a variety of controls.

Give us a call or email us with your enquiry. We’re here to help!


Ital Shutters SYDNEY offers a range of roller shutter solutions for your home or business, whether it’s domestic or commercial grade window roller shutters you’re after, Ital Shutters SYDNEY also offers a variety of control options including manual, spring loaded or electric roller shutters.
Our roller shutters are available in a great range of colours. Ital Roller Shutters SYDNEY manufactures roller shutters to the highest quality and our factory direct prices are hard to beat.
Ital Roller Shutters SYDNEY has over 20 years’ experience in the business and have installed aluminium roller shutters extensively throughout SYDNEY, Wollongong, The Central Coast and The Hunter Valley.

Add value to your biggest asset by installing our domestic grade aluminium roller shutters to your home. The European quality is hard to beat. Electric or manual operation available.
Not only do they look great; they act as a deterrent from intruders whilst adding protection from the harsh Australian elements.
The insulated aluminium roller shutter slats will offer considerable noise reduction.
If security roller shutters are what you need, ask about our special bottom-bar or our commercial grade roller shutters.
Our roller shutters will suit any type of home, from modern to federation.

Ital Roller Shutters SYDNEY have installed many shop front roller shutters to businesses throughout SYDNEY to help protect against vandalism and unwelcome intruders.
Our security roller shutters in SYDNEY are designed to provide maximum protection with additional weight and strength. Ask about our special bottom-bar for added security. Electric or manual operation available.

Ital Roller Shutters SYDNEY offers spring loaded roller shutters for shop fronts, canteens, kiosks, etc.
A great option for fast key lock access.

Ital Roller Shutters SYDNEY is committed to providing quality and doesn’t end when we install your roller shutters. We honour our warranty.
We also service and repair roller shutters from other companies such as Blockout, Half Price and Modern roller shutters.

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